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The Town of Rockford invites the residents of Rockford to participate in the governing of the Town! Rockford is currently looking for volunteers to serve in the postions of:

  • Town Councilperson
  • Planning and Zoning Commission

These are unpaid positions.

A description of the duties of a Town Councilperson is here.

A description of what the Planning and Zoning Commission does is locatedhere.

If you are interested in either position, please contact the Town Clerk at Town Hall!

Please Note!!!

The “After Downton Abbey” tea and luncheon benefiting the North Palouse Community Food Bank has been cancelled but may be rescheduled at a later date. If you were planning on attending or have any questions, please call Sheila Dyer at 509-283-4250.

Thank you.


"Country Christmas" by Richard Klingbeil


(509) 456-2233

Criminals will always see rural areas as lucrative targets due to remoteness and a prolonged law enforcement response. Surveillance and observation is one half of a good defense. If criminals know that they will be seen, the less likely they will be willing to commit their crime. The other half is reporting crimes when they occur. We know that we should not expect an immediate response for non-violent crimes, but this does not mean that our Sheriff's Department won't investigate property crimes, especially if they identify a trend. The best source of information to identify trends is via CRIMECHECK.

Did somebody do something that made your day a little better? Is there somebody who went "above and beyond" for the community? Let us know, and we'll put them on the KUDOS page!

​Burn Restrictions:

Recreational & Social Event Fires


For more information, CLICK HERE.

Town Hall

20 W. Emma St.

P.O. Box 49

Rockford, WA 99030-0049

Office: (509) 291-4716

Fax:  (509) 291-5733


Monday - Friday  9am - 4pm
Closed for lunch 12pm to 1pm

After hours, contact:

Carrie Roecks (509) 270-3310

Clint Stevenson (509) 291-3722

In case of emergency, dial


Have a question? Concern?


Let us know by clicking here!

​Current Water Shortage Stage: 


  • No Restrictions

Thank you to all residents of Rockford who voluntarily complied with our water reduction measures.



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