20 W Emma Street Rockford, Washington 99030

Town of Rockford

Open Town Council Position

 Town Council is accepting applications for vacant Council Position #2.
“No person shall be eligible to hold an elective office in a town unless he or she is a   resident and  registered voter in the town” (RCW 35.27.080).
The person appointed to the position will receive $20/per regular meeting attended. Meetings are held twice a month, on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7pm at Town Hall. Applicants must attend these meetings on a regular basis.

Those interested may use the application on the back of this newsletter to apply.  Applications can be submitted to the Town Clerk at townclerk@rockfordwa.com or by dropping off at Town Hall by July 15th. Interviews will be during the regular Town  Council meeting on July 20, 2022.
Council Applications can be found here.
For more information, please call Town Hall or email during business hours.