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Town of Rockford

Water Meter Conversion Announcement
Over the last two years, the town has received COVID relief funding through the American Rescue Plan Act.  There are certain requirements on how the funds can be used, and
upgrading infrastructure is an “allowable” expenditure. The Town Council has earmarked the funds to be used to update/install automatic water meters and has recently accepted a bid from Correct Equipment for this project.

Starting October 17, Correct Equipment and Public Works will work together getting the
majority of the new meters installed. The completion of the project should not take more than a week or two.  A couple important things to know:

1. Indoor water meters will not be replaced until Spring 2023, at which time Public Works       will begin installing the automatic readers outside and at the property line. This will             allow easier access for maintenance and emergencies. It will also give the homeowners and the town knowledge of where to find future leaks, should there be any.

2. For properties with new meters being installed, you may experience a disruption of service for a few minutes while the meter is being switched out. 

We are excited to get this project going and know that it will benefit both the town and the water system users. Please feel free to call Town Hall with any questions.