20 W Emma Street Rockford, Washington 99030

Town of Rockford

In the early days, the Native Americans had a crossing over Rock Creek, which was very rocky and the water was shallow. They called it the “Rocky Ford” and that was the way our town got the name Rockford. In 1889, the OWR&N Railroad was completed through Rockford. 

In 1890, the Town of Rockford was incorporated. According to the 1890 Census, the town's population was 644 residents. By the 1900 Census, the recorded population had decreased to 433, although historians in the area suggest that about 1,000 residents live in Rockford at that time.  Since the automobile era had not, yet, arrived the only means of transportation was by horse and buggy. Livery stables were important and there were several here in Rockford, along with quite a few hotels. Currently, the population of Rockford is approximately 600.