Town of Rockford

  • The facility accepts clean green materials suitable for composting such as, lawn clippings, leaves, garden waste, and limbs.  Limbs must be no more than 4 inches in diameter. 

  •  The facility does not accept processed wood, household waste, animal waste or kitchen waste.

  •  The facility is open to anyone residing in the Southeast Spokane County and the following fees apply:


$6.00 minimum for any materials ½ a yard or less.

$12.00 per yard for any material over ½ a yard.


***NO Commercial Haulers please***


The facility has a portable chipper that is available for onsite (at your location) chipping of limbs up to 4 inches in diameter. The cost for onsite chipping is:


$25.00 minimum up to 15 minutes and $25.00 per fifteen minutes thereafter.


For drop-off of materials at the facility please call 509-291-4716 to check availability of dates and times.

To schedule a time for onsite chipping please call 509-291-4716

Note: the office is open Monday-Friday 9AM to 4 PM closed for lunch Noon to 1 PM

Onsite Chipping Services

Composting Facility

20 W Emma St (located behind Town Hall)