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Town of Rockford

Who is on the Planning and Zoning Commission?

Your Planning and Zoning Commissioners are the Rockford Town Council, but they are currently taking applications to re-establish the Planning Commission.

What does the Planning and Zoning Commission do?

Ordinance 05-02:

7.1.04      Powers and Duties

It shall be the duty of the Planning Commission to act as an advisory board and hear, review and recommend to the Town Council. The following are general duties:

  • Consideration of preliminary plats; and
  • Consideration of conditional and unclassified use permits, variances, zone changes, dedication of streets and alleys

What is the Planning and Zoning Commission?

Per Rockford's Planning and Zoning Ordinance 05-02:

"1.1.01      Purpose
The intent of this ordinance is to control land uses within the corporate limits of the town of Rockford, in order to guide the community's growth in a logical and orderly manner as prescribed by its Comprehensive Plan. The basic purpose of this ordinance is to provide for the conservation of public health, and for the safety, convenience and general welfare of the town of Rockford by insuring the impacts of development are within the limits of established community standards.

1.1.02      Enactment
The Town Council of the town of Rockford does ordain as follows:

This Ordinance, establishing zoning and land development regulations for the town of Rockford, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 35.63 RCW, Laws of the State of Washington, is pursuant to the recommendations of the Rockford Town Council. As such, the regulations set forth in this Ordinance shall apply to all lands within the existing and future corporate boundaries of the town of Rockford. This Ordinance supersedes all other zoning ordinances enacted by the town of Rockford.
In the event that the town of Rockford does not have provisions for certain design or improvement standards, Spokane County regulations shall be used.

1.1.03      Short Title
This Ordinance shall be known and cited as “The Zoning and Development Regulations for the Town of Rockford.”"

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