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Town of Rockford

Unlike a statute, or state law, an ordinance is a local law that is passed by municipal governing authorities, such as our Town Council. Ordinances also apply only to the local jurisdiction, as opposed to the entire state.  This page links you to current ordinances the Town of Rockford has established to set standards of conduct and construction  for our residents to follow.

​​Types of violations typically reported to Town Hall

  • Outdoor junk/trash storage in residential zones.
  • Accessory structures in required yards in residential zones.
  • Parking of vehicles in required yards in single-family zones, or an excessive number of vehicles appearing to be inoperable or unregistered.
  • Violation of standards for keeping animals in single-family zones.
  • Violation of standards for home occupations.
  • Nuisances.
  • Construction/destruction without first obtaining permits.
  • Dangerous buildings.

Planning and Zoning - Ordinance 19-03

This Ordinance, establishing zoning and land development regulations for the town of Rockford, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 35.27 RCW, Laws of the State of Washington, is pursuant to the recommendations of the Rockford Town Council. As such, the regulations set forth in this Ordinance shall apply to all lands within the existing and future corporate boundaries of the town of Rockford. This Ordinance supersedes all other zoning ordinances enacted by the town of Rockford.​

Ordinance 19-03 Table of Contents (PDF)

Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF)

Chapter 2: Zoning and Town Center Regulations (PDF)

Chapter 3: Development Standards (PDF)

Chapter 4: Alternative Residential Development Options (PDF)

Chapter 5: Subdivision Regulations (PDF)

Chapter 6: Various Permit and Processing Standards (PDF)

Chapter 7: Environmental Standards (PDF)

Chapter 8: Amendments, Annexation & Concurrency (PDF)

​Chapter 9: Definitions

When appropriate, it is our goal to gain voluntary compliance in correcting a confirmed code violation. A written voluntary code compliance agreement may be used to detail the actions necessary to correct the violation.   In the event a voluntary compliance agreement is not appropriate or in the event such procedures fail, the Town of Rockford may initiate additional activities intended to abate the violation in accordance with Chapter 1, Section 5 of Rockford’s Planning and Zoning Ordinance 19-03, adopted on September 4th, 2019.